Tiger Eye Orgone Pyramid with Blue Quartz and Gear Wheels (60mm pyramid)

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  • Item Weight: 200g
  • Item Height: 6cm
  • Item Width: 6cm
  • Item Length: 6cm
  • Item Diameter: 2.36inch
  • Product Features: Handmade
  • Material: Materials: Tiger eye Crystal Sphere, Blue Quartz, Gear Wheels, Resin, Gold Foil, Love

Orgonite Pyramid Tiger Eye Sphere With Blue Quartz Gear Wheel EMF Protection Orgone Pyramid Crystal Healing Reiki Meditation

* Size: Approx. 60mm*60mm*60mm

* Package: Orgone Pyramid with Gift Box

Tiger Eye

The Tiger’s Eye crystal gets its healing properties from a combination of the sun and Earth elements. This is what gives it both grounding and inspiring vibrations. When you wear jewelry with Tiger’s Eye crystals, or connect with it during meditation or other therapeutic sessions, let this stone’s optimistic and stabilizing energy help you see any situation in a positive light. This is what makes the Tiger’s Eye meaning especially helpful for easing feelings of fear or worry. When you harness the positive energy of Tiger’s Eye healing properties, it will help you feel centered and grounded, giving you the confidence and courage to go after your dreams.

Blue quartz

Blue quartz, also called Dumortierite, is a stone of peace, expression and order that can enhance organizational abilities, self-discipline, and orderliness. This enhancement is believed to be due to the effect it can have of balancing the throat chakra and enhancing communication between lower chakras (physical) and higher chakras (mental/spiritual). Blue quartz brings this sense of order to all things, and releases fear, bringing courage to one’s life. It is also a boost for creativity and expression.

Main Features of Orgones:

* Neutralizes EMF radiation, EMF Protection for phones, home, office, garden, house, etc.
* Clears negative energy and positive energy generator
* Aids in meditation
* Supports restful sleep
* Relieves stress
* Purifies the living area
* Give you more energy
* Balances moods
* Helps with spiritual and psychological growth
* Helps with resistance to ill health or to improve it

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