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Your readings are absolutely amazing. It blows my mind with how accurate you are. I can’t even begin to say how awesome this has been.

Shana Heinechen

Verified Personal Reading Client

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I really want to thank you. You’re amazing. You’re incredible. You truly have a gift. I’m really honored that you read for me and that I found you.
Thank you for what you do.

Heidi Craig

Verified Personal Reading Client

I had been hesitant for a while on doing a reading (first timer) but after seeing that you didn’t want to know anything upfront and that the details were still coming through… really made me trust in the process.

Homar Olivarez

Verified Personal Reading Client

Clearly this is what you should be doing! The thing that really stood out about you from the other readers, because I do listen to quite a few, but the thing that stood out about you is in your readings you teach. And it’s all very clear.

Thank you so much Allen. This has been a great experience. You have confirmed so many things for me that spirit has already been telling me, so I really, really appreciate that.

I’m feeling very positive about this, the outcome of this. Thank you so much for what you do.

Tanesha Smith

Verified Personal Reading Client

You were definitely right about everything.
I really appreciate all of this. I really thank you.
I mean, you just helped wash a lot of stuff away.

And thank you. Thank you a lot.

Sonia Lopez

Verified Personal Reading Client

I want to tell you I’m grateful that you’ve taken my call to do a reading for me. Thank you. And you have nailed it. You’ve nailed it. That is definitely our story. You’ve got the foundation of it all absolutely dead on.

Laurel Obrien

Verified Personal Reading Client

Wow, you nailed that, man! You’re right, someone from her past did come back into her life. It was her ex-husband. And it’s funny you should say that about her clouded judgement being from alcohol or drugs because right after we broke up, she told me she started smoking weed again. Damn, buddy… you’re so right about her being a narcissist, too! Wow.

Doug Dawson

Verified Personal Reading Client

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