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Here’s How To Get a Personal Reading With Allen So You Can…

Finally, Get The Answers (and Clarity) You Need About Your Love Life and Your Relationship…

What if you could stop worrying about what’s REALLY going on in your relationship… and finally get the insight, clarity, guidance, and advice you need so you KNOW what to do?




“Let Me Help You Get Down To The Bottom of the Unknown Truth About Your Love Life or Your Relationship…”

Here’s how my personal readings work…

I do all my personal tarot readings via LIVE, one-on-one, Zoom video meetings. So that means…

You and I will sit down together LIVE in a private video meeting room… you’ll be able to see me live, and I’ll be able to see you. That way, you’ll be able to actually talk to me during your reading so you can ask as many questions as you need to ask… and if the answers I get for you happen to open up new questions for you…

You’ll be able to ask me as many EXTRA questions as you’d like… and get answers to those questions, too.

Allen Hill

If You Have Questions, Uncertainty, Fears, or Worries About Your Romantic Love Life or Your Relationship… Here’s How To Get Down To the Bottom of the Unknown TRUTH of What’s REALLY Going On (So You Can Finally Know What To Do Moving Forward)…

Not All Tarot Readings Are Created Equally…

Here’s What Makes Allen’s Personal Readings Different From Any Other Tarot Reading You’ve Ever Had…

Meet with Allen 1-on-1 for a 60-minute personal tarot reading via LIVE video meeting

  • Goes Far Beyond a “General” Reading

This is NOT a typical general, collective reading like you see on YouTube!

Your personal reading is going to go FAR BEYOND that…

I’ll be tapping directly into your specific energy as an individual person, and reading specifically for YOU about your love connection, your relationship, and your romantic person of interest.

You’ll be shocked at the accuracy to your situation and the level of insight you’ll gain!

  • More Detailed and Extremely In-Depth

If you’ve seen the free general readings I post on my Unknown Truth Tarot YouTube channel, you already know my readings are very thorough and detailed.

And those are just my free readings… so just imagine how much more thorough and detailed your personal reading with me is going to be!

I really take pride in digging in to all the details so you get the actual TRUTH about what’s really going on in your situation… And I make absolutely sure you will get all the answers you need.

  • Talk With Allen LIVE, One-on-One

This is NOT some lame, pre-recorded reading…

You and I will sit down together LIVE in a private video meeting room… you’ll be able to see me live, and I’ll be able to see you.

And you’ll be able to actually talk to me so you can ask as many questions as you need to ask… and if the answers I get for you happen to open up new questions for you…

You’ll be able to ask me as many EXTRA questions as you’d like… and get answers to those questions, too.

  • Ask an Unlimited Number of Questions

Unlike most other tarot readers, I do NOT limit you to only a couple of questions.

You can ask me any questions you want answered, and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you get all the answers you need.

Because of that, sometimes my personal readings can last a bit LONGER than 60 minutes.

I simply will NOT stop your reading until I’ve answered ALL your questions, regardless of how long it takes me to do it.

Here’s What You’ll Get With Your Personal Reading…

1.) Private, One-on-One Access To Me In My LIVE Video Reading Room

You’re about to get immediate access to my LIVE video reading room. I do all my readings as one-on-one Zoom video meetings, so you can have direct access to me, hang out with me while I do your reading… And so you can ask me as many questions as you need to ask, (so you can get the clarity, insight, and answers you need to best navigate the situation you’re finding yourself in).

Once you schedule your reading on the date and time that works best for you… I’ll send you direct access to my private video reading room, along with your unique access code, and easy-to-follow instructions on how to get into my reading room.

I’ll even send you a reminder email and text message the day before your reading, just to make sure you have easy access to my video reading room (without having to worry about remembering where you put your access code).

2.) Extremely Detailed 60-Minute Personal Tarot Reading

This is definitely NOT one of those typical, run-of-the-mill, general readings you see all over YouTube!

If you’ve watched my general, collective readings on YouTube, you already know how detailed and in-depth my readings are. And think about this for a second…

If I give away that much value for free in my general readings…

Just imagine how detailed, thorough (and accurate) YOUR reading is going to be now that you’re coming behind the curtain and joining hundreds of my other personal reading clients!

Like I said before… you can ask me an UNLIMITED number of questions. I’m going to help you get the insight and CLARITY you need so you finally know what’s going on in your love life / relationship.

I will NEVER cut off your personal reading just because the hour is up. I simply won’t stop until you’ve gotten the answers to ALL your questions.

You WILL walk away from this reading with the clarity and advice you need…

And you will FINALLY know what to do so things work out in the way that’s best for YOU.

3.) Recording of Your Reading So You Can Watch It Again Later

I tend to dump a LOT of detailed information on my clients during their personal readings, and it will be the same for you. So to make sure you won’t miss anything, I’m going to send you a recording of your reading so you can watching it any time you want.

And if you want, I can even send you an audio version of your reading so you can listen to it again while you’re exercising, working, going for a walk, or driving.

Either way, you won’t have to worry about trying to remember everything I’m going to uncover for you during your reading, because you’ll be able to watch it (or listen to it) as many times as you want.

4.) Client’s Only Portal – Manage, Reschedule, & Book New Appointments

Just like all my other personal reading clients, you’ll even get your own personal “Clients Only Portal”.

In your password protected portal, you’ll be able to manage your personal reading appointments, reschedule your reading to a different date and/or time… or even book new appointments for additional readings with me.

You’ll get the direct link to your Clients Only Portal, along with your login information as soon as you’re finished booking the date and time you want to do a personal reading with me.

5.) Priority Scheduling on ALL Your Future Personal Readings

And if all this wasn’t already enough…

As one of my valued personal reading clients, you’ll also get Priority Scheduling on any future readings you want to book with me.

That means you’ll have first dibs on any available openings in my schedule…

AND you’ll be able to get your future readings with me booked sooner (at an earlier date) than anyone new who’s not already one of my personal reading clients like you.

Here’s What Some of My Other Clients Are Saying About Their Personal Readings With Me…

“Gotta Book a Reading With Him…”

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this reading with you.

You’re right. I can definitely feel all that. It’s like what you said.

When I saw your video on YouTube a couple weeks ago, that’s what really woke me up.

I was like, oh my God, this is speaking so much volumes to me so let me look at it.

And you was right on point with everything. From the 3rd party to everything.

And I was like, I gotta book a reading with him because I gotta get to the bottom of this because I don’t know how to deal with these feelings.

I’ve been crying every night. I’m devastated. All my dreams got flushed down the drain. I was just battling so much.

So I was waiting for this day to get my reading with you.

Thank you so much. I definitely will be using you again. You will see me very soon.

I appreciate all your time. You cleared up a lot of answers for me.

You are awesome!

– Angela Render

“It Blows My Mind How Accurate You Are…”

First of all, I want to say thank you. Your readings are absolutely amazing.

And with this one especially, it blows my mind with how accurate you are.

You are right on track! You’re so right, he’s even said what you said that our connection is just so powerful that he doesn’t know how to deal with it, like you said.

Even with about you saying something about him thinking about the grass might be greener. He said that same thing to me.

Obviously we have some issues to work on. And I’m nervous about are we going to go down this road again where he ends up cheating. And that’s why I wanted to get clarification on him.

This has been absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.

Like, I can’t even begin to say how awesome this has been.

You’re open to the energy, and I just think that’s so awesome that you have that ability to do that.

So thank you for what you do.

This has just been amazing!

Thank you so much!

– Shana Heinechen

“You Truly Have a Gift”

I do feel better. I was going into this… woke up this morning at 3am thinking about him, going back and forth between do I just walk away or do I just go with the flow?

And he’s not been telling me how he feels, and he really did hurt me.

Do I leave this behind and move forward? What’s best for me? That’s what I’ve been going through.

I really want to thank you. You’re amazing. You’re incredible. You truly have a gift.

I’m really honored that you read for me and that I found you.

Thank you for what you do.

– Heidi Craig

“Exceeded All My Expectations…”

This helped me. It did. A lot.

It was a very, very, very good reading. Very good.

It exceeded all my expectations, so thank you.

That was great. Thank you I really appreciate it so much.

I’m sure in 6 months or so, I’ll schedule another reading.


Thank you again!

Melissa Konerth

“Absolutely Dead On…”

I want to tell you I’m grateful that you’ve taken my call to do a reading for me. Thank you.

And you have nailed it. You’ve nailed it.

You are so right about him. When I try to talk to him about all this just to get it out in the air so we can clear things up, he will immediately attack me and accuse me. It’s really hard. So yeah.

You’re so right, he is a very smart guy. And yes, he is extremely emotionally immature. Extremely.

That is definitely our story. You’ve got the foundation of it all absolutely dead on.

And you’re right, he did have an affair. Of course, he denies it, but I know it happened. I can feel it. And you picked up on it.

Thank you.

– Laurel Obrien

“So Different From All The Other Readers…”

Clearly this is what you should be doing!

I know when I saw a few of your readings, the thing that really stood out about you from the other readers, because I do listen to quite a few, but the thing that stood out about you is in your readings you teach.

You don’t just read, like you teach what you’re reading and its all very clear. And I said “this is who has to do my reading”.

So this is my gift to myself, and I said “I’m going to have Allen do a reading for me” because I really, really like your style. And that’s just the one thing that’s so different about you from all the other readers.

And thank you so much Allen. This has been a great experience. You have confirmed so many things for me that spirit has already been telling me, so I really, really appreciate that.

I’m feeling very positive about this, the outcome of this.

Thank you so much for what you do.

– Tanesha Smith

How To Book Your Personal Reading Appointment


Click the button below to book your 60-minute personal reading with Allen. Once you’ve completed your payment via our secure checkout, you’ll schedule a specific date and time for your reading.



The calendar below shows the dates and times Allen has available in his personal reading schedule (in your local time zone) so you can see what’s available before you decide to pay.

If you have any questions, or need help placing your order, feel free to contact me by email here… or send me a text message to 937-309-0311 and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Why Your Personal Reading Is 100% Risk-Free

Guarantees can be complicated. But not this one. My promise is simple – if your personal reading doesn’t answer all your questions and help you get unstuck so you can better navigate the situation you’re in right now, just let me know. I’ll make it right, and if I can’t, I’ll give you a refund.

There is no risk. So do yourself a favor and give it a try, and let me get you the answers you need so you can stop worrying and finally know what’s really going on in your love connection and what to do about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access your video reading room? I’m not very tech savvy… What will I need and how hard is it going to be for a non-techie like me?

It’s super easy to access my video reading room! Doesn’t matter if you’re a non-techie.

Once you place your order and pick an appointment date and time that works best for you, you’ll get an email from me with instructions for how to access my video reading room. And it’s super easy…

Since I do all my personal readings via Zoom video meetings, you’ll be able to join me in the video reading room from your desktop computer, your laptop, your tablet or iPad, or even on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The email you’ll receive from me after you book your appointment time will include a direct link to access my video reading room, along with your personal access code that lets you in.

If you’ll be joining me for your personal reading from your computer, all you have to do is click the link in that email I send you, and it will take you directly to the video reading room.

That’s literally all there is to it. Just click the link and that’s it.

If you’ll be joining me from your tablet or smartphone… you’ll just need to install the free Zoom app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play app store. You simply search for “Zoom” in your app store and click the “Install” button. And that’s it. Then, when it’s time for your reading appointment, you just click the link in that email I sent you, and it takes you directly to my video reading room.

It seriously is that easy.

And if for some strange reason you do end up needing help, I can walk you through it over the phone.

When is your earliest available opening to do a reading for me?

All my available appointment openings are shown in the calendar above, right by the big orange “Book Your Reading Now” button.

You just click on any of the dates highlighted in white on that calendar… and it will expand and show you the available appointment times you can pick from on that particular date.

If a date is greyed out, that means there are no appointment times available for that day.

Once you pay for a personal reading, you’ll immediately be taken to my scheduling page where you’ll see that same calendar… and from there, you’ll be able to book the specific date and time you want me to do a reading for you.

I’m having an emergency and I need a reading RIGHT NOW… Can you fit me in to do my reading TODAY?

All my readings are done by appointment only, and they’re all done on a first-come, first-served basis.

I reserve priority scheduling (for emergency or same-day appointments) for my current / previous personal reading clients.

So in all honesty, the odds of there being an opening in my schedule for today are incredibly low. In fact, it almost never happens.

But that is one of the advantages of being one of my personal reading clients… you get priority access to my schedule, and THAT DOES give you the opportunity to book emergency, same-day readings when my schedule permits me to move things around to accommodate that.

But generally, unless you’re already a client of mine, the answer is most likely “no”. Unless there just happens to be an opening for today shown in the calendar above.

What information do you need from me before you can do my reading?

I don’t need ANY information from you before I can do your personal reading.

In fact…

I don’t want to know anything in advance, if at all possible.

Here’s why…

First, sometimes, if someone tells me the background story of what’s going on, that can cause me to miss something in the reading that I shouldn’t miss… and I don’t want to miss anything that might be important for you and your situation.

Secondly, sometimes knowing something in advance can also taint what I see during your reading. For example, I once had someone tell me “I think he might be cheating on me, but I’m not sure”… and that got my conscious mind too involved in the reading, which caused me to start LOOKING FOR cheating. And you know how it is… when you LOOK FOR something… that’s usually when you FIND it. And I don’t want to find something that’s not really in the message Spirit is sending to me.

I would much rather go in to your reading not knowing anything at all… and just receive the message being delivered to me so I can convey that message from Spirit TO you, unbiased and unfiltered.

And the final reason why I don’t want to know anything in advance is entirely for YOUR benefit…

I don’t ever want you to walk away from your reading with me feeling like… “I just told this guy a whole bunch of stuff, and now he’s just repeating it all back to me in different words”.

So if you don’t tell me anything in advance… neither of us have to worry about any of that stuff.

I like to go into my readings not knowing anything upfront and just deliver you the messages I’m being given.

And after I’m done with your first spread… THEN you can tell me whatever you want to tell me.

Do you only do love and relationship readings?

99.9% of my tarot readings are about love and relationships.

Can I read for you about other stuff? Yes.

But love and relationship readings are my specialty. That’s what I’m the best at, and that’s where the majority of my gift seems to be concentrated around.

That being said, I have definitely done personal readings for clients that were focused on things like…

* What’s blocking you and stopping you from creating the life you really want?
* Business
* Finances
* Health concerns
* Decision making
* General advice on a specific situation you’re facing

But 99.9% of my readings are indeed focused on love and relationships.

What’s the difference between your personal readings versus your free general collective readings on YouTube?

Great question! There’s actually a BIG difference (along with one similarity)…

My personal readings are similar in that, many times, I’ll end up doing very similar tarot spreads as the ones you see me doing in my general readings on YouTube. But that’s really the ONLY similarity.

Because, in my free general readings on YouTube… I’m tapping in to the collective energy of a large group of people, based on their Zodiac sign. I believe I’m responsible for getting messages for a specific group of people under each Zodiac sign… people who are “vibrating” at a specific frequency.

And when I do a general, collective reading on YouTube, I look at it (metaphorically) like I’m plucking a specific string on a harp. Now, a harp has a LOT of strings on it, and each of those strings vibrates at a different frequency… each has a different resonance.

And in those general, collective readings… I’m essentially plucking a specific string on that metaphorical “harp”.

When I do that, anyone of that sign who’s vibrating at the same frequency of the string I’m plucking in that reading will really connect with that particular reading. It will resonate with them almost 100%. Anyone who’s vibrating on a slightly different frequency will resonate a little less with that general, collective reading. And the further removed a person is from the frequency of the string I’m plucking during that reading… the less that particular reading will resonate with them.

This concept is actually why some readers on YouTube resonate with you and some don’t. It depends entirely on what “string” they’re plucking, so to speak. It’s also why some of their readings will resonate with you sometimes, and at other times, they won’t. It’s totally dependent on how they set their intentions before they start recording the reading… and it’s also dependent upon what frequency the reader happens to be vibrating in, etc.

But here’s the big, GIANT difference with my personal readings…

In a personal reading, I’m not tapping in to the collective energy of a group of people who fall under a specific Zodiac sign…

Instead, I’m tapping DIRECTLY in to YOUR specific energy as an individual person.

There is ZERO collective energy in my personal readings. I’m tapping in to YOU and what’s going on in your energy and your situation. And there are NO other people mixing in with, muddying up, or diluting that energy.

That makes my personal readings even more accurate.

So, even if you watch me on YouTube and feel like my general readings always resonate with you… that will pale in comparison to what you’ll experience with a personal reading from me.

I see your readings are scheduled for 60 minutes… What happens once the 60 minutes are up? Do you cut the reading off when the time runs out?

My personal readings are scheduled for 60 minutes, yes.


My readings are NOT about filling up a specific, arbitrary amount of time.

My job is to get you the answers you need so you can have the clarity to know what to do, and know how to best navigate the situation you’re finding yourself in.

That being said…

I will NOT stop your personal reading simply because the time on the clock has ticked away. If you still have questions you need answers to, then I will keep reading for you until you get your questions answered.

Regardless of how long it takes.

Because of that, it’s not super uncommon for some of my personal readings to last LONGER than 60 minutes.

I’ve even had a handful of personal readings last 2+ hours!

The important thing to me is that YOU get your questions answered… YOU get the insight, clarity, help, and advice you need to be able to move forward from where you currently are… and that you’re able to navigate your situation in the way that works out best for you.

And if that takes us a little longer than 60 minutes… so be it. I’m totally fine with that.

But I will NEVER shut your reading down just because some arbitrary amount of time has ticked off the clock.

I’ve just met someone new… And I don’t want to make any more mistakes… Can you do a reading for me about this new person and see if there’s anything I should be aware of before I get too involved or attached to them?


In fact, doing a reading about a new person you’re just starting to date (or are thinking about getting involved with) is DEFINITELY a good idea.

And it’s something I highly recommend doing.

ESPECIALLY before you get too involved or attached to them.

I can definitely take a behind-the-scenes peek at this new person so you can find out what’s REALLY going on with them… that way, you can see if there’s anything about them you need to know about in advance.

You know how people are… we all wear some kind of a mask when we first meet someone new. And it usually takes a few months before that mask comes off and you can see a person for who they really are.

And by then, it’s often too late… because by a few months into it, you could already have feelings for them, and those feelings could already have started to cloud your judgement (at least on some level).

So it’s usually a great idea to see if there are any “red flags” about this new person BEFORE you get too emotionally involved with them.

If you’re at all concerned about making some kind of mistake by getting involved with the wrong person… or if you want to see if there’s anything your attention and/or awareness might need to be brought to about a new person you’re thinking about starting to date…

Then I HIGHLY recommend you have me take a look at them so you can find out what’s REALLY going on with them.

Think of it as sort of an “energetic background check” that’s designed to keep you safe, and stop you from making a mistake that could lead you to getting involved with the wrong person, or put you in another spot where you get your heart broken again.

I definitely do those kinds of readings for my clients all the time, and I’d be happy to do the same thing for YOU.

I don’t want to be on a video meeting because I’m shy… Can you do my reading over the phone instead?

I do all my personal readings via Zoom video meetings.

Here’s why…

First, I want you to be able to see me shuffle your cards… and I want you to be able to see how your cards come out, and WHICH cards actually come out for you. That way you can be sure there’s no funny business going on.

Secondly, I always record the personal readings for my clients. And I’ll do the same thing for you. That way, I can send you the recording, and you’ll always have it to refer back to later, just in case you can’t remember everything I said during your reading.

And unfortunately, we can’t do either of those things over a regular telephone call.

Not to mention, it’s really hard for me to hold the phone between my ear and shoulder and be able to shuffle at the same time lol.

But if you’re anxious in any way whatsoever about being seen on a live video meeting, that’s totally fine. Because you don’t have to turn the camera on from your end. In fact, you’re totally welcome to leave your camera off if that makes you feel more comfortable.

It’s not nearly as important for me to see you as it is for YOU to see ME.

What if I buy a reading today, and then change my mind? Can I cancel and get all my money back?


If you’re not 100% certain that you want me to do a personal reading for you, I would prefer that you just don’t pay for a reading today.

Don’t get me wrong…

I would be more than happy to do a reading for you. But at the same time, if you’re not sure you want me to do a reading for you… or if you feel uncertain about it… or if you need me to convince you I’m the guy you want doing your reading…

Then I would prefer you just hold onto your money and don’t buy a reading from me.

Because if you buy a reading today and change your mind tomorrow, it causes a number of problems on my end.

Here’s what I mean…

First, it takes an opening out of my schedule for someone else who IS sure they want a reading from me. And that can definitely stop them from getting the date and time that would work best for them.

Plus, if you end up changing your mind and asking to cancel your reading appointment… then I have to manually cancel your appointment out in my scheduling system and make that time slot available again. Which is kind of a pain in the ass for me, if I’m being totally honest about it.

But here’s the biggest problem it causes me…

All my personal reading transactions are processed via PayPal. And PayPal charges me a non-refundable transaction fee to process your payment for a personal reading. So it literally costs me just over $10 USD to accept your payment (sometimes more, depending on what country you’re from).

And if you change your mind and want to cancel your booking… I don’t get that transaction processing fee back from PayPal.

Which means…

If you buy a reading and then change your mind tomorrow… It COSTS me $10 or more out of MY pocket.

So, if you buy a reading from me when you’re not 100% sure you actually WANT me to do a reading for you… you’re actually costing me money for no reason. And as I’m sure you’d agree… losing money is no fun (in fact, it’s kind of stressful – and I don’t want any stress).

Buying a reading and then asking for a refund can also cause serious damage to my business (above and beyond just costing me $10+)…

Because having to issue refunds can actually cause PayPal to shut down my payment processing and stop me from accepting payments.

And that could prevent me from accepting payments from all my other clients.

AND it could stop me from accepting payments from any new clients… and it could put me in a position where I’m scrambling to find a new way to accept payments for my personal readings. And in the meantime, it would basically prevent me from conducting my business AND prevent me from helping the people I spend every day helping.

So that being the case…

If you end up buying a reading and then changing your mind after the fact… yes… I will cancel your appointment.

And yes… I will issue you a refund (minus the non-refundable transaction processing fee PayPal charges me).

But like I said, that puts my business at risk of losing my ability to process payments.

And doing so would force me into a tough spot.

Because I have to protect my business, and I have to protect my other paying clients who need (and are 100% certain they WANT) the help my readings give them.

And I just can’t allow someone’s uncertainty (or changing their mind) to put my entire business and livelihood in jeopardy that way. So on the couple of very rare occasions this has happened, I’ve been forced to add that person to my “blacklist” of people I won’t accept transactions from (in order to protect myself, my business, and my clients).

It’s not something I enjoy, and it’s not something I want to come between you and me.

So like I said…

If you’re at all uncertain about whether or not you REALLY want me to do a reading for you… If you feel like you might get buyer’s remorse after you pay for your reading appointment… or if you’re prone to buying things and then trying to cancel after the fact…

Then PLEASE do NOT buy a reading from me.

My schedule is incredibly full as it is, and it’s filled with clients that ARE 100% certain they want me to read for them.

So I would much prefer it if YOU are 100% CERTAIN you want me to do a reading for you BEFORE you buy.

And if you’re not… then please just wait until you are and do NOT buy a reading from me today.

What if something unexpected comes up and I need to reschedule my appointment?

That’s no problem at all.

Once you pay for a reading and become one of my personal reading clients, you get your very own Client Portal where you can log in to manage your appointment times, reschedule your appointments, or even book new personal reading appointments with me (without needing to come back to this webpage – and without having to chase me down to see when my earliest available opening is).

So if something comes up for you, and you end up needing to reschedule your personal reading appointment, that’s no problem at all.

You’ll just log in to your private Client Portal page to pick a new date and time.

Then, my scheduling system will let me know your appointment date and/or time has changed, and it will send you the updated information, along with a new link to join my video reading room via Zoom.

It’s super easy to do, and it’s something you can totally do all on your own without feeling like you’re bothering me or chasing me down to reschedule.

Do you offer a payment plan?

The short (and incomplete) answer is “no”, I personally do not offer a payment plan on my personal readings.

But that being said…

All my personal reading transactions are processed via PayPal. And while I don’t offer a payment plan myself… PayPal DOES offer a 4 Pay option.

So the payment plan isn’t really a payment agreement between you and me… it’s a payment plan agreement between you and PayPal.

When you go through my secure checkout process to book your personal reading, you’ll be presented with options for how you’d like to make your payment. Among those options should be paying with your credit or debit card, your PayPal balance, and there’s also an option for PayPal’s 4 Pay payment plan.

So if you need to break the payment for your personal reading down over 4 payments, the option to do that with PayPal is there.

I’m sure there are probably certain eligibility requirements PayPal has, but again, that’s not something I have any involvement in personally. Whether or not you meet the requirements for the 4 Pay option is entirely between you and PayPal.

I just know the option is there for you if that’s something you want to look into.

WARNING: A Quick Word Of Caution…

If You’re Thinking About Waiting To Book Your Personal Reading Until My Schedule Isn’t Quite So Full… Here’s Why That’s a MISTAKE

Because of the number of people requesting a personal reading from me… and the demand these detailed readings place on my time and energy… my availability is limited, and all my readings are done by appointment only.

And my schedule ALWAYS fills up fast.

In fact, I’m usually booked up weeks in advance.

And many times, I get so booked up that I replace this sign-up page with a waiting list.

So if you’re at all interested in having me do a reading for you, you might want to book your appointment now, because this is your best chance to get into my schedule.

Soon, I’ll be taking some much needed time off, at which point, I’ll be forced to go back to working from a waiting list again.

Here’s What Some of My Other Clients Are Saying About Their Personal Readings With Me…

“One of the Best Readings I’ve Had…”

That clarified so much right there. And I just want to say, I’m a huge fan. Like, I watch you all the time.

And this was an awesome find to come across because man, you were hitting on EVERYTHING!

And like you were saying, it’s hard for me when I would try to be a cross-watcher, so I would try to look at his sign, but I was just like “one of these days I’m going to get a reading”… and I was SO hyped when I saw you had opened some spots up. And now you’re even sending me a copy of this reading and now I’m going to have it!

Like I said, I’m a huge fan. I always watch you and I think you’re great. I think you should have your own show on TV.

Thank you so much, that was such a great session. It was very in-depth and I do appreciate it.

I’m going to weigh this all out over the next 3 months or so and see where we’re at in our relationship, and I’ll be hitting you up again for another reading.

You explained the cards so well, and when it came to my side, man it was just… this was one of the best readings I’ve had.

And how you explained his side, really was, I was like, man you’re hitting it right there. And for it to go through ALL of those cards like that, made perfect sense to me.

I definitely will keep in contact because this was awesome, I appreciate it a lot.

And thank you for taking the extra time with me. I do appreciate it.

– Tina Noble

“I Was Amazed At How Spot On You Were…”

Thank you, I really enjoyed the reading.

It solidified what I already knew, but knowing my husband actually does have strong feelings and emotions is comforting.

At times, it seems as if he is completely dead inside, without emotion. It is nice to know that is not the case, he just does not show it in any way. I’m not sure that changes anything, but it is nice to know that he actually does care about something.

I was amazed how spot on you were.

I tried not to laugh when you said you felt like I was thinking “I don’t know if I can put up with this shit anymore“.

I literally just said those exact words to myself right before the reading.

It was because I was frustrated because once again I was left to take care of things while he remains completely oblivious to the fact that he does nothing and just can’t see it.

Then, you drew a few cards for him of a man with a blindfold on. Priceless.

Anyway, I do think it helped me to know that I should stop second guessing myself.

I know in my heart what I need to do.

I just need to stop putting everything and everyone ahead of myself and make a decision.

Sometimes I guess it helps to hear it from someone else.

Thanks again, I’m sure I will be contacting you for another reading in the future.

– Diane Klinger

“You Called Me Out On My Own Bullshit…”

The reading you did was perfect!

And you called me out on my bullshit. Yeah, totally.

Now I have it all pictured in my mind and I know exactly what it is.

Thank you so much. It was amazing.

This was my first tarot reading with a professional and thank you so much for this.

I really enjoyed it.

Thank you so much!

– Raquel Devesa

“You Can Only Say The Truth…”

I thank you so very much.

You can only say the truth, and I think I knew the truth.

I just wanted somebody else to say it to me. And you did.

I appreciate everything you’ve done.

If anything new happens, I’ll book with you again!

Thank you Allen!

– Gracia Harrison

“How Soon Should I Do Another Reading?…”

I greatly appreciate your reading.

It confirmed suspicions.

He is still trying to engage communication though he is involved ( living with or on the property ) of the other Libra.

He has offered to get a good deal for me on new car tires he knows I need, sending hearts, confusing memes,… but I have not responded.

Unsure what to do.

Anyway, you’re very good and I’ll let anyone interested in tarot know who you are.

How soon should I do another reading?

Thank you so much.

– Maura Self

“You Were Definitely Right About Everything…”

You’re definitely tapped into the right thing here.

There IS a 3rd party. She communicated with me. And it’s been going on before he and I got involved, but off and on.

So you were definitely right about everything.

I really appreciate all of this. I really thank you.

I mean, you just helped wash a lot of stuff away. And thank you. Thank you a lot.

You also helped me in my situation with my mom, too.

So thank you.

– Sonia Lopez

“I Actually Heard From Him Like You Said I Would…”

Thank you Allen – the reading was great!!!

I appreciated the amount of detail you put into explaining the interpretation of the cards, and it was helpful to not only get some confirmation of what I have been feeling about the situation, but also to get a deeper sense of the full story.

I look forward to watching it again, because I know there was so much, it will be helpful to remind myself to stay positive.

On a side note, I DID actually hear from him (like you said I would). Happened this afternoon.

He wanted to see if I’d like to spend some time together tomorrow – but still very much focused on the “just friends” aspect – which is fine – so the timing of the reading couldn’t have been better.

All the best to you, and much gratitude!!

– Holly Hoyt

“Your Reading Helped Me To Finally Cut The Cord…”

I thought the reading was great, even though it didn’t deliver the best of news!

It confirmed what I already knew in my heart – it’s time to move on!

Again, I apologize for getting emotional during the reading.

I’ve been struggling with letting go of my ex for the past 3 months – your reading will definitely help me to finally cut the cord.

I just needed that confirmation because I never received the “closure conversation” from my ex. (I think this was intentional – so he can continue to “string me along”), so thank you!

Thank you again, have a great weekend, sending you love and light.

– Melissa Manganelli

“You Really Do People a Great Service…”


Thank you for all your time this morning!

The reading actually really helped me a lot.

I knew as soon as I saw your last Sagittarius reading that I needed a personal reading with you.

You really do people a great service by reading the cards honestly and thoroughly.

You are a blessing!

And, if you want to laugh, he just messaged me!


I’ll keep you posted!

– Renee Meeks

“Thank You For Giving Me Hope…”

Hi Allen,

Thanks a lot for the reading and recording, will definitely return to watch it once again some time soon.

I was enjoying the reading, resonated greatly and I really appreciate you spending so much time on it.

Thank you for giving me hope, is crucial to me at this moment, even if my hopes should not be fulfilled it will help me to go through this tough period of my live.

But actually I don’t think of these “even ifs” remaining hopeful it will all work out well. I have always had a feeling this one relationship is something which can not end even if it ends.

Will keep you updated once there should be some changes or will reach out for another reading if it feels to be needed.

Have a nice day.

– Elina Berzina

“I Was Hesitant To Do a Reading… But, You Made Me Trust The Process…”


Thank you for the reading and for going into the follow up questions afterwards.

I had been hesitant for a while on doing a reading (first timer) but after seeing that you didn’t want to know anything upfront and that the details were still coming through, especially the influx of a decision needing to be made, really made me trust in the process.

I think the initial feeling of a break up came from because the connection is technically not stable as she’s still in another and it made it feel like there wasn’t that current connection with us.

Looking forward to updating down the road.

– Homar Olivarez

“Gave Me Good Perspective and Direction…”

Hey Allen,

Thank you for my personal reading yesterday. It was a wonderful experience.

I appreciate the knowledge and skill you brought to me and it gave me a good perspective and direction on what I need to do going forward.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it also confirmed a few things I have been indecisive about. I will definitely keep you updated on my progress with the course.

I look forward to receiving the recording from you soon.

Best wishes

– Sharon Ennin

“So Spot On and Accurate…”

Hi Allen,

Thank you again so much for today’s reading.

I appreciate you sharing your gift.

The reading was so spot on and accurate.

I’ll be scheduling another reading in the near future.

Thanks again!

– DeShelia Hall

“You Really Get All The Details…”

HI Allen!

I loved my reading!

Thank you so much.

You really get all the details.

I also ordered 2 shirts and a mug!

Thanks, again.

– Denise Curtis

“I Was Completely In Awe and Shock The Whole Time… Spot On About Everything…”

I just finished watching the recording of my reading. Omg!

I was crying so much when you were crying! I wanted to reach out and hug you so badly!

I am so freakin’ speechless right now….and that just never happens…as you probably already know. Wink, wink!

I KNEW you were my guy! I just knew it! And I am SO freakin’ glad to hear I am not losing my mind! Woo hoo!

You are amazing, not just for these unbelievably thorough and beautiful readings, but for the amazing kindhearted, caring, compassionate…(and I will say hilarious) man that you are.

I cannot express to you enough what all this means to me. I am as drained right now as I was from that email I wrote you, but in a very calm, enlightened and cleansed kind of way….way different than yesterday.

I don’t know how to thank you enough….there just are no words.

Anyhoo, I sent you a little gift, if you have not already seen it. You spent such an unbelievable and so appreciated amount of time on those readings and also babysitting my sorry ass.

You have changed my life, Allen!

I’m gonna cry again.

I’m going to watch the recording again tomorrow, after the dust kind of settles in my brain and I will give you some more feedback.

I was just completely in awe, shock the whole time. You were just spot-on about everything.

Divinely-guided, I was meant to find you.

– Elizabeth Witt-Takacs

“Turned Out He DID Have Another Party Involved…”

Good morning, Allen.

This email is just intended to keep you updated as to my readings point of interest.

It turned out he DID have yet another party he was romantically interested/ involved with other than the other Scorpio we discussed during the reading.

This came to light last night. I expressed my boundaries for the level of transparency which I was willing to accept in this connection.

He then amped up the level of aggression in his communication and controllingly attempted to flip the script on me and expressed disdain for my holding him accountable for this conscious deception through lying by omission and misrepresentation which lead to my speaking my boundaries in respectful honest communication to which he would not comply so I told him he could just leave then .

I wasn’t going to tolerate that type of manipulation nor aggressive style of communication I viewed as disrespectful. He left calmly but then continued this morning with a text saying I was a trip, lady. But he had no choice but to coincide which I believe was meant to say comply….

So there we have it!

That I think explains all those high priestess cards that kept popping up everywhere!

– Stormy Newell

“Absolutely Loved It… You Helped Me Find Hope…”

Hi Allen,

I absolutely loved my reading. Thank you very much.

100% a fantastic reader and very patient with all my interruptions. So sorry about them.

I love the fact you told me not to tell you anything so I knew it was you reading my story correctly.

You’ve helped me with finding hope of a happier life 👏 when it kept feeling never ending.

I’ll be sharing my reading with friends and family so they can see how bang on you were.

Thank you very much.

Will catch up soon with you for another reading.

Thank you again.

– Shelley Waterworth

“You Have a Gift. Keep Shining Your Light…”

Thank you Allen again.

So much !!

I just cried my eyes out.

Now getting strength to just cut this completely off. No contact.

You have a gift. Keep shining your light.

Omg thank you so much for this. I am eternally grateful for you right now.

I will be in touch.

You are my Angel today. 🤍🤍🤍🤍

– Debra Dasaro

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