Illuminating Your Path and Unleashing Your Potential

At Unknown Truth Tarot, our journey is about illuminating paths in the mystical fog of life.

More than just a tarot reading service and metaphysical store, we’re a beacon for those seeking guidance, clarity, and a deeper understanding of the mystical world around us.

Beyond mere answers, we offer you the keys to inner wisdom.

With our unique metaphysical tools and expanding library of comprehensive metaphysical guides and articles, we help light your path to personal empowerment and growth.

Shine Your Divine Inner Light

The Lantern’s Guiding Glow: A Beacon for Souls Seeking Truth, Wisdom, Insight, and Clarity

Our logo, the Hermit’s lantern, is a powerful symbol of our mission.

In the tarot, the Hermit stands as a wise sage, a guide through the uncertain and the unknown. The Divine Light of his lantern cuts through the fog, revealing hidden truths and guiding you toward enlightenment and self-discovery.

This symbol embodies our commitment to being your guiding light in the world of tarot, metaphysics, and personal evolution.

Our Story

How Did We Get Here?…

The Turning Point:
From Despair to Destiny

Unknown Truth Tarot was born from a crucible of personal upheaval.

Our founder, Allen Hill, once a beacon in the fitness marketing world, saw his life’s work crumble in an instant—victimized by betrayal and loss, his business sabotaged, his heart fractured.

In the throes of a depression that followed, Allen found himself in the grind of the factory floor, yearning for the entrepreneurial spirit he once embodied. The mundane reality of clocking in and out belied the visionary within, who had once commanded the digital arena with confidence and charisma.

The real conflict emerged from the ashes of a life once known.

But an unexpected encounter with tarot reading opened Allen to a new world, one that challenged his skepticism and unveiled a hidden, intuitive prowess. It was not just about learning tarot—it was about awakening to a latent gift that connected him to others in profound, inexplicable ways.

This epiphany was not immediate.

It took a heart-wrenching cycle of connection, loss, and introspection. It took the shattering of his world to rebuild it upon new foundations.

When fate dealt its harshest cards—through the pain of a broken family, the physical toll of an accident, and the sting of isolation—Allen found solace and purpose in the very cards he once doubted.

With each shuffle and spread, the path became clear:

Allen was to be a guide, a lantern-holder for those wandering in their own darkness.

And so, with newfound conviction and a vision to help the lost find their way, Unknown Truth Tarot emerged—a channel, a community, a shop where seekers could find clarity, solace, and direction.

A lone figure navigating the darkness of despair, isolation, and uncertainty... and being guided by a lantern in the dark.
From Shadow To Insight, The Awakening Starts Here

A Journey of Personal Evolution

Founded by Allen Hill, a gifted tarot reader, Unknown Truth Tarot emerged from the depths of his own personal adversity… and has evolved into a community of over 137,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, “Unknown Truth Tarot.”

Today, Unknown Truth Tarot stands as a beacon of light for those seeking truth, love, and clarity on the path of their own soul’s journey.

Allen’s readings are more than just predictions; they’re a call to awaken the wisdom within, empowering you to take control of your destiny.

Allen Hill

Master Tarot Reader
Founder & CEO Unknown Truth Tarot

At the heart of Unknown Truth Tarot stands Allen Hill, an intuitive Tarot reader and the founder of a metaphysical movement. From his small-town roots in Ohio, to a flourishing YouTube channel with over 137,000 subscribers, Allen’s influence in the Tarot community is as profound as it is widespread.

His path was forged from the embers of personal trials, igniting a profound awakening that has since evolved into a dedicated mission: to illuminate the spiritual paths of individuals across the globe.

Known for his wisdom and the welcoming glow of the Hermit’s Lantern, Allen offers clarity through the mists of uncertainty and guidance through the fog of life, helping seekers find their own truth and direction.

Transformations and Triumphs

Hear from the souls who’ve embarked on their journeys with Unknown Truth Tarot. Their stories are a testament to the guiding light we strive to provide.

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More Than Just Tarot Readings

Your Metaphysical Companion

Our metaphysical shop extends this guidance further. Each item is carefully selected to aid you in your journey toward spiritual growth and self-discovery. From crystals to tarot decks, singing bowls to enchanted candles, and even divination tools to spiritual décor, apparel, and a massive library of over 1,000 metaphysical and spiritual books, our products are tools for exploration, offering you the means to navigate the metaphysical realm with confidence.

Our community thrives on connection, sharing insights, and supporting each other’s journeys.

Dive into our collections and discover the perfect tools to illuminate your path.

Genuine & ethically sourced

Embark on a journey of energetic purification and embrace the vibrational power of our hand-selected crystals.

Unlock the Mysteries of Tarot
Tarot Cards & Accessories

Discover the stories the cards hold for you with our range of tarot decks and accessories, each steeped in tradition and intuitive power.

Resonate with Wellbeing
Sound & Vibrational Healing

Attune to the universe’s frequency with our selection of sound healing tools, crafted to harmonize body, mind, and spirit.

Create Your Own Sacred Space
Metaphysical & Spiritual Décor

Enhance your sacred space with our collection of metaphysical décor, creating an atmosphere of serenity and spiritual focus.

Trusted Allies On Your Spiritual Path

The Hallmarks of Quality:
Our Premier Metaphysical Partners

In our commitment to your spiritual journey, Unknown Truth Tarot proudly presents a hand-selected assortment from the most revered brands in the industry. These partnerships are more than just a seal of qualitythey’re a mosaic of wisdom, crafted to support you as you take your first steps into the realm of self-discovery.

Each product in our shop is a guidepost on your path, chosen to resonate with your quest for knowledge and designed to empower your personal growth and enlightenment.

Millions of people trust in these brands as titans of the esoteric world, and you can trust in us to bring their very best to you.

Blue Angel Publishing
Chronicle Books
Azure Green
Schiffer Publishing
Sage Spirit
Lo Scarabeo
US Games Systems, Inc
Hay House
Charting the Course to Tomorrow

Where Do We Go From Here?

As we continue to walk the path laid by the lantern’s light, the future for Unknown Truth Tarot is bright with promise. Our vision extends beyond the present, reaching into a future where our community’s collective wisdom shapes a new paradigm of spiritual empowerment.

Pioneering Spirituality

In the coming years, we’ll deepen the bonds within our community, creating a digital sanctuary where every seeker can find solace, wisdom, and companionship.

Our commitment is to pioneer new ways to engage with the metaphysical, using new technologies and tools that make spiritual guidance more accessible than ever before.

Expanding Horizons

Looking ahead, we envision Unknown Truth Tarot as not only a haven for tarot enthusiasts but also a holistic hub for all things metaphysical.

From expanding our product offerings to include a wider range of spiritual tools to hosting virtual workshops, our goal is to facilitate every step of your spiritual journey.

A Legacy of Enlightenment

Our legacy is one of enlightenment, not just for the few but for all who seek it.

In the coming years, we see Unknown Truth Tarot at the forefront of a global movement, fostering a world where the language of tarot and the resonance of crystals are as familiar as the stars in the sky.

Together into the Unknown

The truth is often shrouded in mystery, but together, we are unraveling it. We invite you to join us as we embark on this exciting journey into the unknown. With every card laid and crystal charged, we are writing a story of hope, healing, and transformation for generations to come.

Embarking on YOUR Voyage of Spiritual Discovery

From Curiosity to
Soul-Deep Clarity…

The Journey To Your Own Evolution Starts Now

“I remember the first stirring of my spiritual journey — how new and vast it all seemed… How confused yet curious it made me feel. As the founder of Unknown Truth Tarot, we’re dedicating ourselves to nurturing that spark of curiosity into a roaring flame for those at the beginning of their path.

With every step, we offer guidance, clarity, and a reassuring presence to help illuminate your journey.

Here, curiosity finds wisdom, and seekers become seers.”

~ Allen Hill

Your Next Steps

Illuminate Your Path with
‘A Lantern In The Dark’

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Whether you want to deepen your understanding or you’re simply curious about the transformative power of tarot, crystals, and other metaphysical tools… our blog is a beacon of knowledge, crafted to inspire and nurture your burgeoning spiritual curiosity. Explore our curated articles, each a step towards greater insight and a more attuned spiritual experience.

Discover the wisdom within by clicking below and let ‘A Lantern In The Dark’ be your guide to the nuanced world of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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Your Spiritual Allies in Crystal Form

Choosing The Right Crystals

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Harmonizing with Crystal Energy

Crystal Properties & Uses

Dive into the vibrant essences of over 230+ crystals and their unique metaphysical properties. Explore our in-depth articles that reveal how each crystal can support, heal, and elevate your spiritual and metaphysical practices.

Shining the Light Forward

Guiding You to Your Truth

At Unknown Truth Tarot, our commitment is to illuminate your spiritual journey with insight and empathy. We are here to guide you through the metaphysical realm, shining a light on paths yet unseen and revealing the truths that resonate with your soul.

Together, let’s venture through the veil of the unknown, unlocking the wisdom that propels you towards your greatest potential.

Ready to Illuminate Your Journey?

Questions? Need some insights or advice?

Reach out to us at Unknown Truth Tarot.

We’re here to help light your path to clarity, self-discovery, and healing.

Whether you’re taking your first steps or you’re a seasoned traveler in the metaphysical realm, our doors—and hearts—are open to you.