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Take a Deeper Dive Into Our Metaphysical Supply Store and Uncover The Hidden Secrets & Unknown Truths of The Universe… So You Can Raise Your Vibration, Enhance Your Spiritual Practice, Develop and Amplify Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities, Expand Your Consciousness, and Ascend To The Highest Level of YOU…

Expand your consciousness and ascend to the highest level of you with tools from the Unknown Truth Tarot Metaphysical Supply Store.

Explore the Unknown Truth Tarot Metaphysical Supply Store, your one-stop-shop for your spiritual and metaphysical needs.

Your own spiritual path (and your journey down it) is as unique as you are, and we’re here to support you in your soul growth and your ascension, no matter where you’re starting from or where you’re headed.

With over 4,000+ items and growing, we could be the biggest metaphysical store online.

So whether you’re interested in…

  • Exploring alternative healing modalities, such as Reiki, energy work, sound and vibrational healing, and crystal healing
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the nature of reality, including concepts like manifestation, the Law of Attraction, and the nature of consciousness itself
  • Learning about different spiritual and religious traditions, such as Wicca, Paganism, Buddhism, and Hinduism
  • Connecting with nature and the earth, through practices such as Shamanism, Druidry, and earth-based spirituality
  • Learning about ancient wisdom and knowledge, such as ancient Egyptian and Greek mysteries, alchemy, magical practices, and Kabbalah
  • Engaging in personal development and self-improvement, such as journaling, affirmation, visualization, and meditation
  • Or… practicing divination to explore the unknown, to connect with the Spirit realm, or to gain insight and guidance on important life decisions

Our online metaphysical store offers you a wide range of powerful healing tools, spiritual aids, mystical, magical, & metaphysical supplies, and other resources and soul growth essentials to help you explore and deepen your spiritual practice, cleanse and protect your energy, empower your magick ceremonies and spiritual rituals, develop and fine-tune your intuition, expand your psychic abilities and gifts… and amplify your power to manifest your intentions into your physical reality.

If searching for a “metaphysical supply store near me” and “crystal shops near me” has left you still wanting more…

Start by taking a quick peak at the most popular departments from our metaphysical supply store below.

We’ve hand-picked some of the best items for you from each department, from the world’s most trusted brands, as well as some unique, and even rare finds.

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featured divination tools

Even More Powerful Divination Tools For Divine Guidance, Expanding Your Insight, & Harnessing The Power of Your Intuition

From tarot cards and oracle decks, to runes, spirit boards, pendulums, and gazing balls… our metaphysical supply store has everything you need to use your intuition to tap into and receive divine guidance from Spirit / Source


Experience The Beauty, Energy, & Powerful Healing Properties of Our High-Quality, Ethically Sourced Crystals & Gemstones

Whether you’re looking to enhance your spiritual or mindfulness practices, reduce your stress or anxiety, purify and balance your energy (or the energies in your home or office)… or you just want to enjoy their natural beauty – you’ll find the perfect crystal for you in the crystal department of our metaphysical supply store.


Elevate Your Spirit AND Your Style With Our Exclusive Line-Up of High-Vibe (And High-Fashion) Custom Designed Metaphysical Apparel & Spiritual Clothing Collections

The Law of Attraction applies to MORE than just everyday manifesting… and now you can boost your own attractiveness by embracing your inner mystic – and rocking your mind, body, and style with our exclusive Angel Number, Major Arcana, Zodiac, & Divine Feminine Collections…


Harness The Power of Orgonite To Balance and Harmonize Your Energy (and The Energies Around You)…

Whether you want to improve your health & vitality, experience more profound feelings of calm and relaxation, enjoy deeper, more restful sleep, higher levels of mental clarity and focus, or enhance your intuition and amplify your ability to manifest…

Our online metaphysical supply store has the perfect piece of orgonite for you right here…

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