Scorpio Orgonite Pyramid – Zodiac Collection (50mm)


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The Orgonite Pyramid With Scorpio’s Mystic Essence

Have you ever felt the energy of the universe nudging you towards a more powerful path?

With the Scorpio Orgonite Pyramid from our Zodiac Orgonite Pyramids Collection, your spiritual journey is about to be supercharged.

Harness the energy of the cosmos, and discover a connection to your inner self that you never knew existed.

Channel Your Scorpio Zodiac Energy


As a Scorpio, your energy is deeply intuitive, transformative, and driven.

Tapping into that energy and harnessing it can sometimes be a challenge, but not with the Scorpio Orgonite Pyramid.

The unique blend of black tourmaline, gold leaf, and a purple amethyst sphere makes this orgone pyramid the perfect tool to connect with your Scorpio essence, grounding you in your power.

Endless Ways to Unveil Your Potential

The Scorpio Orgonite Pyramid isn’t just a beautiful piece to admire; its versatility can integrate seamlessly into many facets of your metaphysical practice:

  • Meditation Boost: Holding or placing this pyramid close during meditation can help deepen your practice, bringing clarity and focus.
  • Home Energy Cleanser: Position it in your living space to cleanse and transform the energy, making your home a sanctuary of positive vibes.
  • Intuitive Tool: Use it during tarot readings to enhance your intuition and connection to the spiritual realms.
  • Dream Enhancer: Keep it by your bedside to inspire lucid dreams and astral travel.
  • Personal Protector: Carry it with you to ward off negative energies and keep your aura clean.
  • Chakra Aligner: Align and activate your chakras during healing sessions.
  • Empowerment Amplifier: Whenever you need a boost of confidence or empowerment, simply hold or meditate with the pyramid.

The Esoteric Elegance of the Scorpio Orgonite Pyramid

Wondering why the Scorpio Orgonite Pyramid stands out from other crystals?

Orgonite is a unique substance made of resin, metals, and crystals, known to convert negative or stagnant bioenergetic fields into positive energy.

This pyramid, especially tailored for Scorpios, captures the essence of your zodiac sign, aiding in personal transformation and spiritual growth.

Details and Features

  • Color: Entrancing layers of black tourmaline, gold leaf, and a purple amethyst sphere.
  • Size:  5cm X 5cm

Metaphysical Properties and Uses of an Orgone Pyramid:

  • Grounding: Black tourmaline acts as a powerful grounder of energy.  (view black tourmaline properties)
  • Protection: Shields against negative energies and psychic attacks.
  • Spiritual Amplification: Gold leaf magnifies the energies of the other components.
  • Calmness & Intuition: The purple amethyst sphere enhances spiritual growth and inner peace.  (view amethyst properties)
  • Energy Transmutation: Converts negative energies into positive ones.
  • Zodiac Connection: Amplifies and balances Scorpio energies.
  • Sign: Perfectly suited for Scorpio, but also resonates with those wanting to connect with Scorpio energies.

Scorpio’s Secret Tool for Cosmic Alchemy

Compared to other crystals targeting similar benefits, the Scorpio Orgone Pyramid is in a class of its own.

While many crystals offer grounding or protection, this pyramid amalgamates multiple elements, designed meticulously for Scorpios.

It’s not just a crystal; it’s a comprehensive spiritual tool.

Your spiritual journey deserves a catalyst that understands you.

Add the Scorpio Orgonite Pyramid to your collection today and witness a spiritual metamorphosis like never before.

Dive deep, Scorpio, the universe awaits!

Scorpio Orgonite Pyramid - An orgone pyramid with the Scorpio zodiac symbol

The size of the Scorpio Orgone Pyramid is 5 cm by 5 cm

Weight 0.01 lbs


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