Yooperlite Stone (Fire Stone) – 1 Piece

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Discover the hidden luminescence of the Great Lakes region with our Yooperlite stone (Fire Stone), an extraordinary geological marvel. Each piece of Yooperlite is a fragment of the night sky, encapsulated in stone. These are not just stones; they are natural phenomena that hold the secret fire of the cosmos, visible under UV light.

View our free, complete guide on Yooperlite properties here.

Our Yooperlite stones come in a selection of weights, ensuring you find the perfect size for your needs: choose from 200-250 grams, 300-350 grams, or 400-450 grams. Whether you are a collector, a geology enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the unique beauty of nature’s creations, these stones offer an unparalleled experience.

Yooperlite is a variety of Syenite rock rich in fluorescent Sodalite, a deep blue mineral renowned for its vibrant glow. Discovered in 2017 near the shores of Lake Superior, these stones are a recent geological wonder that has quickly captivated the world. In daylight, they masquerade as ordinary rocks, but under UV light, they unveil their true beauty, glowing with an intense and mesmerizing orange-yellow fluorescence.

What Are the Special Features of Yooperlite Stones?

Here’s just some of what makes our Yooperlite rocks so special…

  • Geological Wonder: Be one of the few to own a piece of this newly discovered, naturally glowing stone.
  • Magical Glow: Experience the transformation from a “regular rock” to a glowing spectacle with a UV light.
  • Size Variety: Available in three weight ranges to suit your preference for display or use in energy work.
  • Natural Composition: Contains Syenite imbued with fluorescent Sodalite, known for its healing properties and connection to intuition.
  • Unique Decor: A captivating addition to any space that promises to be a conversation starter.

Each Yooperlite stone is a witness to the ancient history of the Earth, and now you can bring this fragment of natural art into your home. Whether used for decorative purposes, as part of a meditation practice, or simply to appreciate its hidden glow, the Yooperlite (Fire Stone) is a treasure of the Upper Peninsula, waiting to illuminate the secrets of the universe for you.

Alternative Name:  Syenite Sodalite, Fire Stones

A Quick Glance at the Metaphysical Properties of Yooperlite

Below is a quick overview of the metaphysical properties of Yooperlite, but if you’d like to know all the details (including how to use Yooperlite), then please check out our free guide on Yooperlite properties here.

  • Used to dispel darkness (both literally and metaphorically)
  • Can help open the third eye chakra
  • Aids in enhancing intuition and deepening understanding
  • Known to foster feelings of courage and resilience
  • Boost confidence

Chakra:  Third Eye Chakra

Zodiac Sign Association:  Sagittarius

Numerology Association:  Number 3

Planetary Association:  Mars


Weight 0.01 lbs

200-250g, 300-350g, 400-450g


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