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    55mm Tiger’s Eye Palm Stone


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  • Amethyst Worry Stone


    Unlock the Power of Amethyst Worry Stones Immerse yourself in the soothing energy of the Amethyst Worry Stone, designed to bring you serenity, balance, and mental clarity. As you gently caress this beautiful crystal, feel your worries and stress melt away, leaving you with a sense of calm and inner peace. Amethyst is a powerful…

  • Angelite Palm Stone


    Feel the presence of angels around you with this peaceful lovely piece. Fits perfectly in your palm and is great for crystal healing, meditation or anytime you need a soothing comfort. From India.

  • Angelite worry stone

    Angelite Worry Stone


    Angels will be close by when you have this worry stone on you. Keep this powerful little piece in your pocket for times of stress, worry, & anxiety. Rub the smooth texture surface and watch your worries go away.

  • Apatite Palm Stone


    Apatite palm stone with each one being unique in color variations. Hold this in your palm when you are in need of inspiration or motivation. From Peru.

  • Black Obsidian Worry Stone


    Experience the power of grounding and protection with our Black Obsidian Worry Stone. Designed to provide relief from stress and anxiety, this remarkable stone helps you regain balance and find inner peace in your everyday life. Discover the Power of Black Obsidian The Black Obsidian Worry Stone is a must-have tool for anyone seeking to…

  • Black Onyx Worry Stone


    Black Onyx worry stone. A great piece to carry with you and pull out during difficult times. A grounding stone that may assist with decision making, physical traumas, grief, and worries. Rub this worry stone between your fingers to absorb its energetic healing properties. Black Onyx is primarily black but may have bands of white,…

  • Black Tourmaline Palm Stone


    Unlock the Protective Powers of the Black Tourmaline Palm Stone Introducing the Black Tourmaline Palm Stone, a powerful tool that will help you shield yourself from negative energy, ground your spiritual practice, and enhance your overall well-being. Black Tourmaline is renowned for its ability to ward off negative energy and protect its bearer from harmful…

  • Black Tourmaline Worry Stone


    Keep this worry stone in your pocket or close by to benefit from its protection abilities. Black tourmaline may assist you with absorbing negative energies on or in your environment. It is also known to transform disharmony into peace, while keeping you grounded. 1″ – 1 3/4′ from India.

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  • Bloodstone worry stone

    Bloodstone Worry Stone


    You feel yourself getting grounded when you hold this worry stone. Bloodstone has been known for its healing properties for thousands of years. Get yourself grounded while cleansing & detoxifying the body. Simply hold in palm or rub between your fingers in times of need. Comes in its natural coloring and inclusions with beautiful bands…

  • Blue Onyx Worrystone


    A wonderful grab bag random pick of Blue Onyx tumbled worry stones. Blue Onyx is a gem that will help you acheive happiness and contentment in your life. It may also assist you with your intuition, changing your bad habits, strength, emotional, physical and mental stress. Each stone is unique in size, color and pattern….

  • Blue Opal Worry Stone


    Large Blue Opal worry stone. Blue Opal is a spiritual healer. Offering its amazing benefits of healing, releases tension, brings peace, stress, and help you with smooth communication. Sizes range from 1′ to 1.5″+ and comes with unique swirls of colors.

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