1/4 lb Black Kyanite Blades – Premium Quality – Bulk Lot 4 oz


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Experience Unmatched Protection with 1/4 lb Black Kyanite Blades

Set the stage for spiritual safeguarding and energy cleansing with our 1/4 lb Black Kyanite Blades.

As a staple in metaphysical practices, these kyanite blades provide a shield of protection while fostering tranquility in your environment.

They serve as a potent tool for those seeking to enhance their spiritual practices and protect their energy fields.

Pave the Way for Energetic Clarity

Immerse in the world of kyanite blades, your perfect companions for metaphysical pursuits.

Black kyanite, one of the most remarkable crystals for protection, stands guard over your energy fields, warding off negativity.

It’s an essential tool for cleansing your aura, whether you’re delving into meditation, embarking on a spiritual journey, or simply seeking peace amidst your daily chores.

Our premium quality black kyanite blades not only protect but also align your chakras, establishing energetic clarity.

This allows for a smoother flow of energy, a significant aspect when engaging in spiritual activities or navigating life’s challenges.

Embrace the Power of Kyanite Fans

Black Kyanite fans, due to their unique formation, can create an energetic shield around you, acting as a spiritual barrier.

They serve as your guardians during spiritual explorations, enhancing your aura’s resilience during astral travel or lucid dreaming.

These kyanite blades, moreover, can aid in grounding during energy work or meditation.

Having these around creates a sanctuary, allowing you to carry on your activities safely, devoid of intrusive energies.

Harness The Benefits of Bulk Black Kyanite

Our 1/4 lb Black Kyanite Blades pack offers significant benefits, making it an ideal purchase for those who regularly use crystals for protection.

Not only do you get more blades for your personal use, but it also allows you to share the power of black kyanite with others.

From setting up a protective perimeter in your home to using them in your healing practices, the bulk pack offers endless possibilities.

Color: Black

Metaphysical Properties and Uses:
– Offers spiritual protection
– Facilitates chakra alignment
– Assists in aura cleansing
– Enhances grounding during energy work
– Encourages tranquility and peace

Zodiac Sign Associations: Libra, Aries

Compared to other protection crystals, black kyanite blades are revered for their unique fan-like formation and potent protective energies.

This, combined with their chakra-aligning and aura-cleansing capabilities, make them stand out in your metaphysical toolkit.

Embark on a transformative spiritual journey with a guardian by your side.

Experience the energy-cleansing and protective prowess of our 1/4 lb Black Kyanite Blades.

Order today, and let the power of black kyanite enhance your metaphysical pursuits and bring tranquility into your space.

Each stone measures between 1 inch and can be up to 4 inches.

Black kyanite rough specimens, hand-sorted and imported from Brazil.

These are perfect stones to sweep away negative energy. It can work with any chakra to remove blockages.

It is a perfect aid when meditating, grounding and any other energy work.

Weight 0.01 lbs


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