Selenite Heart – 1 Piece


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Selenite Heart: A Unique Crystal for Healing and Harmony

Selenite is a uniquely powerful crystal for healing and harmonizing your energy field. It can clear away negative energy and create a protective shield around you, while promoting a sense of peace and inner calm.

Selenite is also known for its ability to connect with the Angelic realm, making it a great choice for anyone seeking guidance and support from the angels.

If you’re looking for a stone that can help you restore balance and harmony in your life, Selenite is a great choice.

Enhance Your Meditation Practice with Selenite

If you’re looking for a crystal to help deepen your meditation practice, Selenite is an excellent choice. Its high vibration energy can help you connect with your higher self, promote mental clarity, and calm your mind. Simply hold the Selenite Heart in your hand or place it near you during meditation to experience its benefits.

Clear Negative Energy and Promote Harmony

Selenite is known for its ability to clear negative energy and promote harmony. Its pure and high vibrational energy can help cleanse your space and uplift your mood. Place the Selenite Heart in your home or office to help create a peaceful and harmonious environment. You can also carry it with you to promote inner peace and balance.

A Thoughtful Gift of Love

Looking for a unique and meaningful gift for someone special?  The Selenite Heart is a thoughtful and beautiful option. Its crystal heart shape symbolizes love and compassion, while its healing properties make it a meaningful gift for those seeking inner peace and spiritual growth.

  • Material: Selenite
  • Shape: Heart
  • Size:  4-5cm
  • Weight: about 40 grams


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