30-35mm Fluorite Sphere


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Enter the realm of harmony and balance with our enchanting Fluorite Sphere, a crystal ball measuring 30-35mm in diameter, perfect for the palm of your hand. Revered by crystal enthusiasts for its stunning array of colors, this Fluorite Sphere is not just an object of beauty; it’s a tool for deepening your connection to your higher self.

Each sphere is carefully crafted from high-quality Fluorite.  Known for its ability to clear away negative energy and foster mental clarity, fluorite properties also include balancing the chakras and increasing intuitive abilities..

The crystal’s natural bands of purples, greens, and translucent whites echo the serene colors of the ocean and the sky, bringing a calming presence to any space.

The smooth, round shape of the sphere allows for uninterrupted energy flow, making it an ideal focal point for meditation practices. Hold it in your hand during mindfulness exercises and feel its cool touch as a grounding force, helping to harmonize chaotic thoughts and guide you into a state of deep peace.

What are the Benefits of this Fluorite Sphere?

The benefits of this fluorite sphere are…

  • Vibrant Energetic Colors: Each Fluorite Sphere is a visual feast, with unique patterns and a playful dance of natural hues.
  • Ideal Size for Handling: The 30-35mm size is perfect for holding during meditation or placing on a stand as a captivating display.
  • Mental Clarity: Fluorite is celebrated for its ability to enhance focus and clear the mind, making this sphere a powerful companion for decision-making or study.
  • Natural Stress Reliever: The sphere’s energy promotes deep relaxation and stress relief, aligning with the body’s energy centers effortlessly.
  • Versatile Use: Incorporate it into your healing practice, display it as a stunning piece of natural art, or use it as a personal talisman.

Invite the magic of our Fluorite Sphere into your life and let it awaken your inner wisdom, heal your aura, and transform your spiritual practice. Each sphere is a unique gift from the Earth, waiting to be a cherished part of your crystal collection.

30-35mm fluorite sphere


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