VIRGO – (TRIGGER WARNING) Here’s the TRUTH… Virgo January 2024 Tarot Love Reading

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This Virgo January 2024 tarot reading is for Virgo Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus, and in this Virgo love tarot reading today, we’re going to take a look at the status of the love connection between you and your romantic person of interest…

So, whoever it is you are…

  • Romantically involved with
  • Romantically THINKING about
  • or just romantically, energetically connected to in some way

…we’re going to take a good, long, hard look at what’s going on between the 2 of you in this tarot reading.

And I’m going to do that by getting one tarot card to represent the mutual point of interest between the 2 of you here in January 2024. Then I’m going to pull 3 tarot cards for YOU, Virgo. Then I’ll get 3 cards for your person of interest.

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Here’s What The Tarot Cards Will Tell You In This Reading

Once I’m finished pulling your tarot cards for this Virgo January 2024 tarot love reading, the card on the bottom of the deck will represent to overall energy of the entire reading. Which will give me the gist, or the overhead aerial view of what the rest of the reading is going to talk to me about.

The 1 card for the mutual point of interest between you will represent SHARED ENERGY that is affecting both of you in some way. That shared energy doesn’t always have to affect you BOTH in exactly the same way.

Sometimes it’s a case of they did or said something, and now you’re feeling the ramifications of it – or vice versa – sometimes you’ve said or done something and now it’s having an effect on your person. And sometimes it’s some external factor that’s having an effect on you both.

When I pull cards for you in this Virgo January 2024 tarot love reading, they will represent YOUR energy as it relates to your person, and the connection between the 2 of you here in January 2024.

And the tarot cards I pull for your person of interest will represent THEIR energy as it relates to YOU and the connection between the 2 of you.

Please keep THIS in mind…

This is a COLLECTIVE Virgo January 2024 Tarot Love Reading, Not a PERSONAL Reading…

This is a Virgo *general* collective tarot love reading, and therefore, it may not resonate with every Virgo on the planet. In this Virgo January 2024 tarot love reading, I’m NOT tapping in to YOUR specific energy as an individual person the same way I would if I were doing a personal tarot reading for you in a one-on-one setting.

If you’d like a personal reading, you can get all the information on a private, one-on-one personal tarot reading here.

In this Virgo January 2024 tarot reading, I’m tapping in to the collective energies of the large group of Virgo people I’m responsible for getting messages and advice for.

And because not every Virgo person on the planet is going through the exact same situation, or experiencing the exact same sets of energies all at the same time…

It’s not even possible for this Virgo January 2024 tarot reading to resonate with literally every Virgo person all at the same time. So please, take it as it resonates for you. If this reading doesn’t fit your particular situation, that simply means it’s NOT your reading this time.

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